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shutterstock_132323153Transforming Customer Experience – better experiences for more customer satisfaction
The Customer Experience & Customer Care Solution Suite

• Integrated Customer Experience/Customer Care effectiveness and performance improvement programs with measurable results
• Executive coaching
• Customer Experience and Customer Care training for basic and top levels
• Key Account Management training
• Share Service Centers – Effective communications training (specifically designed for the SSC environments)
• Coach-the-coach programs for sales directors (managers of managers); middle managers; internal coaches
• Train-the-trainer for internal trainers

We pay attention to what happens before, during and after training and recognize that the mindset is the key factor in whether someone will be successful and effective in applying what they learned. We co-create a development process with our clients with the following key points:

• Where are you now in terms of the Customer Experience that you give to your clients and what are your strengths
• Where would you like to be and what specific behaviors and results would you like to see change
• What is the transformation process/solution consisting of consulting, coaching and training elements that will take you there and also impact the people’s mindset to guarantee results
Our experience and scientific research suggests that getting the processes and incentives right, with a good go to market strategy and the right people is still not enough. We call it the ‘hardware side’ and there is also a ‘software side” which is about soft skills and a clear understanding of performance expectations. This requires clear standards about what good looks like in your organization in terms of Customer Experience and Customer Care (we call this the “what and how”).

The Mindset is key (the Why)
Do you know if your people have a fixed or a growth mindset? Do you know what key beliefs they hold about management, the company, the market and your customers? If your people have limiting beliefs that hold them back from going to the next level you can spend a lot on training, but it will not produce sustainable behavioral change. We know how to work with mindset and beliefs and will help you and your team to develop a Winning Mindset.

Get down to the basics, address the “What” the “How” and the “Why” of what you expect from your team.

Train to Customer Experience/Customer Care Standards and make it sustainable after the training
The best training is based on the companies’ own Customer Experience Best Practice and the skills necessary to perform up to that standard. Managers will learn how to coach their people in a way that maintains their motivation and enthusiasm. That way, a manager becomes an internal coach and champion of the training and will be key in maintaining change started by the training program. This then becomes the guarantee that the program can bring measurable quantitative and qualitative results.

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