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With Dr. Josh Davis

Dates: To Be Announced

Discover how goals affect your brain, and find out how to work with your brain for follow through.

      •  Learn why many goals we set lead us to lose energy and give up
      •  Learn which kinds of goals lead to follow through
      •  Learn how to help your goals become new habits
      •  Learn neuroscience-based techniques so you don’t have to just rely on will power
      •  Practice employing this knowledge as you learn

The course content is based on neuroscience. The activities are based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP). The workshop format is geared toward applying these lessons to real experiences in your life.

Sometimes New Years resolutions start falling by the wayside in February, which is why we’re offering this now. You can change that pattern.

Josh Davis, Ph.D. has a background in psychology and neuroscience. He is Term Assistant Professor at Barnard College of Columbia University, is a Lead Professor for the NeuroLeadership Institute, and has been studying NLP for over ten years. At the NLP Center he offers trainings and coaches clients privately on setting goals and following through. Combining his expertise in these areas, Dr. Davis will guide you to make goals work for you.

Setting Goals and Following Through

To Be Announced