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NLP is a method for modeling peak performance and excellence.  You will learn to become a peak sales performer, incorporating the core NLP skills and techniques into your repertoire. By applying the cutting edge strategies and beliefs of top sales performers, you too will become a model of effective verbal and non-verbal communication.

The benefits:

*Increase your sales results by up to 100% and more.

*Have immediate access to your “States of Excellence” in meetings, phone calls, one-ones…

*Increase your confidence and passion with bosses, customers and colleagues.

You will learn how to:

*Identify and utilize beliefs and values.

*Uncover your customer’s thinking style.

*Gain, maintain and deepen rapport.

*Enhance your ability to listen and truly understand

This workshop is tailored for:

  • Sales and business professionals who want to push their career to the next level.
  • Sales and business professionals who want to learn about themselves and how to improve their communication style for effective selling.
  • Professionals from other careers who want to increase their persuasive and selling abilities.

Trainer: John O’Connor is a successful Executive Business and Personal coach in NYC. He coaches top sales teams in real estate, E-commerce and in the wellness industry and speaks to groups nationally about the inner game of building their business. His selling career began 20 years ago with direct sales, and has now built two six figure service businesses. Whether you sell a product, service or ideas, John has excellent strategies and tools to help you achieve your professional sales goals. John is an NLP  Master Certified Coach and Hypnosis practitioner. When he is not selling John enjoys leading men’s groups, spending quality time with wife and kids and practicing Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with the Gracie’s.

Early Registration Discount: $495 if paid one month in advance
Regular Tuition: $595

*To receive the early registration discount, “payment in full” must be received at least one month prior to the start of the training.


NLP and Sales Mastery: Thursday Evenings, February 28, March 7 and 14, 2019 (6pm-10pm)

Tuition: $595