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NLP ONLINE Coach Practitioner Certification Training. Now on Zoom.

  • Are you interested in becoming a life coach?

  • Do you already have a license in the mental health field and are looking to expand your knowledge and your practice?

  • Are you a business professional looking to learn this cutting edge technology to raise your interpersonal skill level and help you maintain a “state of excellence?” 

  • Or perhaps you are someone who simply wants to learn how to be the best that you can be and the best at what you do.

Why take your Online NLP Practitioner Certification with Steven and Rachel and The NLP Center of New York?

  • Established in 1986, NLP Center of New York was among the very first NLP Centers in the world.

  •  We meet the guidelines of The International Association of NLP (IANLP). (Compare the actual number of LIVE days/hours to other training organizations).

  • Miss a day? No problem. You can arrange to make it up at another scheduled format at no charge

  • Free online supervised NLP Practice Groups throughout the year.

  • Limited class size to maximize learning.

  • Filled with demonstrations and audience participation so that you can see the magic in action.

  • This is not a training where you watch previously recorded videos. It is all live with Rachel and Steven, who have worked together teaching NLP since 1986.

“Steven and Rachel are outstanding trainers of NLP and Hypnosis. I give them my highest recommendation.”
Stephen Gilligan, author, The Courage To Love

Choose from among the following options:

FLEXIBILITY OPTION: Although we recommend choosing just one of the following options and attending every day, you can select your primary training format now and if you need to miss any days for any reason will arrange for you to attend the days you missed at another NLP I course that we offer.

Regular Registration: 3595 US $
CURRENT SPECIAL: $2995 (Save $600)

Tuition less a $100 processing fee will be refunded if you cancel your registration up until four weeks prior to the start of the training. After that date, your tuition can be applied toward “any” future training program we offer.

To REGISTER NOW, please SELECT ONE of the following options:

Option I: LIVE/ONLINE Tuesdays, September 15, 2020- February 2, 2021 (9am-4pm)

Choose One

Option II. LIVE/ONLINE: Oct 10-12, 24-25, Nov7-8, 21-22, Dec 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 2020 (9am-5:30pm)

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Option III. LIVE/Online: Monday/Wednesday Evenings, November 9, 2020-March 22, 2021 (6pm-9pm) 

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Want to take a smaller step first? Try our introduction before taking the full course.

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Still thinking about it? Join our Free 90min NLP session online.

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“When I became interested in NLP I did a ton of research on who I would want to learn it from. I looked at schools and programs all over the world, from Australia, to Amsterdam, to LA, and New York.
Once I came across your website, I was convinced The NLP Center of New York was the absolute best fit for me. I read all about you and Steven, and all of the programs that you offer. Even though I live in San Diego, I was trying to think of a way I could receive my training & certification from you two (I still haven’t quite figure that part out yet. It would be quite a commute :).
One day while reading your newsletter I read that you and Steven wrote a book about NLP. I was so excited! I figured this was the next best thing to learning from you two directly in NY. So I ordered it straight away, and absolutely loved it!! I always recommend it to people who are seeking to better themselves and their lives. It’s just such a great tool, so thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hard work you two put into creating it!”
Christina Soto
“I just wanted to give you some overall feedback as to how the NLP training has been effecting me and my work. First of all, I notice that I hear soooooooo much more than I used to. I considered myself a good listener with good intuition, but I have noticed a whole new level of listening and intuition since I began the training. I have found that my coaching work has taken on a greater depth and richness. I am experiencing the client’s model of the world with new eyes. From client to client, I find my questions and my inklings are more accurate and I am constantly calibrating to their responses which I find to be such a rewarding activity.
Secondly, I am naturally moving my clients into associated resource states, when they are stuck. Sometimes it happens within a few moments, but it changes the whole session. My work is mainly focused on increasing meaning and satisfaction in a person’s life while they are working towards creating the life they really want. I mainly work with leaders and they tend to be stressed and pulled in many directions (work/family/personal interests). I am finding the NLP techniques/patterns to be a major enhancement to my skill level and ability to connect (create rapport) and support them forward.
Thirdly, I notice a significant reduction in “worry” on my part. And I mean overall in my life!!! I am just not worrying about things the way I use to..”
Paul E. Dunn, Psy.D., Dunn Coaching & Company
“Dr. Rachel Hott demonstrates enormous skill, compassion and effectiveness in her trainings and in working with her clients. I highly recommend the experience to anyone who wants to learn new things and keep the learning.”
Shelle Rose Charvet, NLP Trainer and author of Words That Change Minds and The Customer is Bothering Me
“I’m writing to say thank you as I have only just begun to completely understand and appreciate how much I learnt, observed and retained in my studies with you two years ago! I had a client for vertigo a few weeks ago and from somewhere deep in my unconscious, the phobia model reappeared and I was able to help him without a second thought!!! This happens quite regularly for me! It was through the teaching of The NLP Center of New York ™ ® that I have retained so much information and can access it, when needed, so a BIG thank you to you both!”
Lesley Wood-van Zyl

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