How is your NLP center unique? What do you emphasize in your training?

/How is your NLP center unique? What do you emphasize in your training?

Not all NLP Training programs are the same. What makes our center unique is who we are, what we teach and how we teach.

The NLP Center has been operating since 1986. Steven Leeds, LMHC, with his background in education and transpersonal psychology and Dr. Rachel Hott, PhD with her background in clinical psychology, Dance Movement Therapy and business consulting bring together a unique blend of knowledge, skills and expertise. They have built this center on a deep respect for each human being and his or her potential for transforming their inner and outer world. Each of our trainers have completed an extensive and rigorous NLP trainer’s training that required a minimum of 4 years (over 1,000 hours) of study after completing their NLP Master Practitioner Training.

We see NLP as something one does “with” people and not “to” them. Our trainers have a great respect for the power inherent in the uses and misuses of the NLP technology and model this respect both on and off “the playing field.” For us, NLP is a model for “having power over your own life” and “empowering others,”  not to control or manipulate others.  The NLP Center of New York staff works as a team, emphasizing creating healthy patterns when relating to others, to ourselves and to the world around us.

Steven and Rachel who are partners in life and in business model this way of being in their relationship with their students, with each other, within their family and with themselves. NLP is not just something our staff does for a living; it is an integral part of our life.  While our training staff is committed to developing the highest level of competency among the practitioners, we are not interested in turning out technicians. The goal is to have NLP Center of New York graduates know how to relate with others genuinely, from their heart as well as their head, from the left brain as well as the right and to be as concerned about the well-being of others as they are with themselves. The NLP Center of New York’s goal is to train people to ethically use the NLP skills to enrich lives and to make this world a better place to live.

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