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Effective Leadership and Management development based on the principles of Purpose, Passion and Playfulness

The Advantage Leadership & Management Solution Suite:

• Collective Intelligence and Innovation Clinics
• Change Management through Transformation
• Full scale organizational development programs with measurable ROI
• Winning Mindset – Team coaching
• Winning Mindset – Executive coaching
• Leadership Skill development trainings

What’s your Purpose? It is about your Mindset and self-awareness…People with Purpose are more inspiring leaders and purpose oriented employees produce more and better…
Leading yourself and leading others are not the same thing. You must be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. Leading an organization is particularly demanding, and requires an additional set of competencies and skills.

Collective (team) Intelligence and Innovation
Some management “teams” are just a collection of individuals whereas in others the team is greater than the sum of its parts. What is the secret? We help you to diagnose and then define the as-is and to-be state your team and organization and then help to build the path between the two. We have a sophisticated toolset to work with your senior leaders as well as the middle managers.

Do you want less work and a more responsible team? Leadership with a coaching mentality…
We believe in Leadership with a coaching mentality and this is the basis of our leadership development services. Leadership is all about relationships; everyone is a leader to someone. Coaching is leading; it is the most powerful form of leadership you can practice. Leaders with the proper coaching skills can motivate direct reports and work with both bosses and peers in a manner that reduces friction and enhances productivity.

Turning complexity into simplicity – leadership as a set of behaviors and habits that lead to success
Our personal corporate and executive experience shows, that Leadership starts with doing simple things on a regular basis – like brushing your teeth every morning. This is what we call a Leadership Best Practice. Some of these practices (behaviors) are general, some are characteristic to the company, depending on their corporate Vision, Mission and Values (culture). We design and deliver leadership development programs primarily for middle and top-range executives. Working closely with the Leadership Team from top down we help develop an organizational culture where Leadership Best Practice is part of the DNA.

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