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core_coverGently Yet Powerfully Resolve Problems and Facilitate Personal Change

Used in an ongoing way, this is an amazing process that facilitates deep, lasting personal change. Like a subterranean spring that is released and cleanses the surface waters, this seminar offers specific methods for resolving problems and overcoming limitations. The experience of Core Transformation® is often described as a sense of wholeness, peace or oneness.

A Bridge to Your Inner Self

Based on the pioneering work of Connirae Andreas, Core Transformation® is a breakthrough in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychology and spirituality. The Core Transformation® experience is an easy to follow, ten-step process for transforming unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and feelings by actually embracing them! Often, using this process, even the most trivial of problems can be a doorway leading you to a profound sense of self. As a result, many limitations melt away and you tap into a fresh wellspring of tranquility.

The workshop details a major process for improving relationships. It helps you come to a greater sense of self, while enhancing your understanding and compassion.

Develop a Deep Sense of Well-Being

Core Transformation® works from the inside out to change unwanted behaviors, feelings, and responses. When using the process through time, many people have an underlying sense of well-being, even when life is at its worst — like a calm harbor surrounded by a stormy sea.

This amazing process is useful with all kinds of behaviors, from simple limitations like biting your nails, to deeper issues like trauma, anger, weight loss, or abuse. In the seminar, you’ll realize that even self-defeating behaviors were useful when we originally learned them. Core Transformation® also helps you deal with the many stresses of everyday life. As a daily practice, it’s an ideal way to take time out to connect with yourself when you’re feeling overloaded. After you start using the Core Transformation® process as a natural part of your life, you will have joy and peace throughout your life like gentle ripples in a pond.

A recently-completed, high quality, a randomized clinical trial of the Core Transformation work was done through Loyola University in Maryland, by a doctoral student, Dinesh Braganza. It will be published soon on Loyola University’s website.
Quote from the synopsis:
“It is striking that a single session of Core Transformation produced effect sizes similar or greater in magnitude to those obtained by approximately 15 sessions of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) or ISTDP, or 8 weeks of MBSR (mindfulness training), which comprised 2.5 hour-long weekly group sessions and 20 minutes daily meditation.” 



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Tuition less a $100 processing fee will be refunded if registration is canceled up until two weeks prior to the start of the training. After that date your tuition can be applied toward “any” future training program we offer.


Core Transformation: LIVE/ONLINE, Thursdays, April 23 and 30, 9am-5pm