3 rd October, 2012

All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis

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At the NLP Center of New York we, Rachel Hott, Ph.D. and Steven Leeds, L.M.H.C. teach Ericksonian hypnosis as well as provide hypnotherapy with our clients. With students and clients we demystify their hypnosis expectations. “No you will not lose control; no you will not be clucking like a chicken, no you will not do [...]

18 th August, 2012

Book Review: Healing Your Hungry Heart

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Sometimes I search books out and other times books find me. I know if I am listening to the radio and I hear a book reviewed I will grab a piece of paper and jot the title down. Now with kindle, I go and order online with a quick click. This book, Healing the Hungry [...]

4 th June, 2012

NLP with Benefits

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One of the most frequently asked question we receive regarding our NLP training is, "What are the benefits of taking an NLP training?" Often we have responded by offering a list of the things that our students have learned over the past 25 years. But lists can be impersonal and often appear to be more [...]

16 th May, 2012

Letting Go by Rachel Hott, Ph.D.

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Letting Go By Rachel Hott, Ph.D. One of our current NLP trainees asked me for assistance regarding a story about letting go. She was going to be running a group and part of her project was to inspire them to begin new ideas, to let go of the old rigid thoughts and behaviors. In our [...]

5 th February, 2012

Two Therapeutic Techniques to Become Centered and Whole by Rachel Hott, Ph.D.,Clinical Psychologist

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Both Steven Leeds and I feel very fortunate to have studied with hypnotherapist and psychologist, Stephen Gilligan, PhD. Stephen had been a student of Dr. Milton Erickson’s from 1974-1980. He was one of the students who directly modeled Erickson and proceeded to take what he learned and evolve beyond his mentor’s teachings. Now 36 years [...]

21 st January, 2012

It Takes Two by Rachel Hott, PhD

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Steve and I have been married for 27 years. We work with couples and individuals who are dealing with relationships both romantically and professionally. What we have discovered is that no matter how skilled you are in communication inevitably it takes two to make it work. Fortunately one person can set the tone, lead the [...]

17 th January, 2012

NLP App; How to Motivate Anyone

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The Husband Motivator App This is not the first NLP app, but it is the first NLP trainer we know who has created one. Shelle Rose Sharvet,, has created an app called, Husband Motivator. It is based on the meta programming patterns, specifically the motivation patterns. In this app you determine who it is [...]

12 th January, 2012

Eleventh International Ericksonian Conference by Dr. Rachel Hott

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Back from the Ericksonian Conference, Rachel Hott, co-director of The NLP Center of New York had the opportunity to present at the Ericksonian Conference in Phoenix this past December. Her topic was "Using Trance Phenomena to Frame Your Therapeutic Interventions." This is something that she teaches in our Level II hypnosis training. She had 22 [...]

9 th January, 2012

Wipe Out by Rachel Hott, PhD

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I have been a beginner, advance beginner skier for almost 35 years. When I first went skiing at age 19, the teachers were convinced that I was already at intermediate level. I always attributed that to the way I stood straight and confident. It was at the mogul moment that they discovered that just because [...]