13 th September, 2014

Finding A Safe Place by Rachel Hott

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Whenever I lead clients into trance, I ask them to find a “safe place." I will say something like, “This could be a place you have been to, wish you could go to, either imaginary or real. It could be from your childhood or in your current life.” Sometimes clients have said they don’t have [...]

11 th April, 2014

Radio Heads by Rachel Hott, PhD

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In 1999 I interviewed for a job to acquire my clinical hours for my psychology requirements. As my potential boss interviewed me he asked, "Have you ever done radio?" I said, "No." "Would you like to do radio?" "Sure," I said. I got the job as a psychotherapist and I became a radio co-host for [...]

10 th February, 2014

Creating Your Future by Rachel Hott, PhD

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Creating Your Future In many psychotherapy and coaching practices the client is taught to visualize what they want to see happen in the future. In the NLP model we call that future pacing. You may have heard of it as guided visualization, mental rehearsal or even post-hypnotic suggestions. At the NLP Center we teach our [...]

15 th August, 2013

Are You Considering Taking an NLP Training?

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Since 1986 both Steven Leeds and Rachel Hott have been leading Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. We recently were asked questions about our training. Here are two that we thought we would share with our community. How is NLP different than other disciplines? There are several presuppositions in NLP to support understanding and respect of [...]

8 th July, 2013

I Am Moved By Our Students’ and Clients’ Courage To Learn and Grow

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I was the trainer for our recent Core Transformation weekend workshop. There were 12 participants attending, several of them had never attended a workshop before. Not just new to the NLP experience but new to the workshop process. Attending a workshop where you work on your issues requires courage and willingness to participate. I was [...]

18 th June, 2013

Pushed Out of My Comfort Zone by Rachel Hott, PhD

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Pushed Out of My Comfort Zone by Rachel Hott, PhD I was practicing regularly at my Bikram Yoga Union Square studio (read How I almost Became A Yoga Teacher in a previous blog) and found the routine to be perfect. I was clearly in a routine, saw clients or taught an NLP class, went to [...]

7 th April, 2013

How I Almost Became A Yoga Teacher

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How I Almost Became A Yoga Teacher by Rachel Hott, PhD Teaching movement is not new for me. In 1979 I was an aerobics instructor for Gloria Stevens, located in Northampton, Mass. There wasn’t a lot of training to go through, but since I had modern dance and jazz background and had wished that I [...]

6 th November, 2012

Hott/ Leeds NLP Coping Tips

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Hott/Leeds NLP Coping Tips; Many people will read this. Only a few will do it. Which will you be? 1. Identify what resource you need to manage during the next week as life as usual gradually returns. We suggest, resilience or serenity, as a resource that will help you rise to the occasion. If you [...]

2 nd November, 2012

What Are You Waiting For by Rachel Hott, PhD

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What Are You Waiting For? How often have you said, or heard someone say, "I do better with deadlines." Why is it when you have a goal, the only way you get it done is because it is due tomorrow. In NLP we explore our subjective experience, our reality, by exploring the question of how [...]