20 th February, 2019

Rachel Hott Presents at Live/Arts on February 7, 2019

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Rachel Hott, PhD, co-director of The NLP Center of N.Y. was asked to participate in a Live/Arts presentation sponsored by the Manhattan School of Music. In her presentation she discussed her dance/movement therapy background and NLP topics, including sub modalities and hypnosis. If you would like to view Rachel's portion you can fast foward the [...]

4 th July, 2018

How to Build a Bad Relationship- Steven Leeds

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How to Build a Bad Relationship by Steven Leeds We all enter into relationships with certain communication skills. Some will lead to healthy ways of relating that will be mutually satisfying and some not. Some will last a lifetime and some will lead to an early exit. Most of the things we do, we do [...]

21 st March, 2018


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NLP 4 TH GENERATION: Reported by Rachel Hott, PhD with additional commentary from Colette Normandeau. Rachel Hott wrote this article after she and Steven Leeds attended the NLP Leadership Summit in Alicante, Spain in January 2018. It will be published soon in a book titled, Powered by NLP, Volume 2. Day 3, January 14 th [...]

27 th October, 2016

Fall in Love with the Business of Coaching

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Since 1986, The NLP Center of New York has been training people to become coaches and practitioners using NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Many of our students have requested that we create something to support them in making their coaching dream a reality. To this end, The NLP Center of New York has recently partnered with [...]

2 nd March, 2015

IS SELF-CONTROL A SKILL? By Rachel Hott, PhD Co-director of The NLP Center of New York

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Many clients and NLP students work on issues of self-control. They want to exercise more, choose healthy foods, have clean lungs (stop smoking), drink reasonably, keep their fingernails out of their mouth, keep their anger in check etc. In our NLP sessions and classes we work with the basic presupposition that we have all the [...]

8 th November, 2014

African Safari (Part I) by Steven Leeds

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  "On Not Being Charged" Last year my partner Rachel Hott and I went on Safari. No, we were not browsing the internet. We were walking through the bush amongst the big cats, elephants, giraffe, buffalo and gazelles in the Masai Steppe, a grassland plain in northeastern Tanzania that covers approximately 15,000 square miles, slightly [...]

16 th June, 2014

An Interview with Connirae Andreas by Rachel Hott

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I recently had the opportunity to do a Skype interview with Connirae Andreas, about her new work, called the Wholeness Process. We have known each other since the early 80's. I have always admired her intelligence and capability to teach NLP and develop innovative processes. She is specifically responsible for the Aligning Perceptual Position and [...]

1 st September, 2012

My Boss Makes Me Angry (or fill in the blank, My _________, Makes Me Angry) by Rachel Hott, PhD

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My Boss Makes Me Angry (or fill in the blank,  My _________, Makes Me Angry) Written by Rachel Hott, PhD Edited by Steven Leeds   A client, highly educated and successful, comes to an individual coaching session to deal with issues at work. The finger is pointed to one specific person, his boss. As I [...]