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16 th April, 2017

I Will Change If You Change First by Steven Leeds

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:23+00:00 April, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Many people come to me because they want to change. But often their focus is on changing someone else, believing that in order to experience a state of well-being, they must first get another person to change. This makes for ongoing dissatisfaction, "controlling behavior (feeling out of control)," and blaming others (for what they are [...]

9 th February, 2017

Dr. Jacqueline Rose Hott’s Toolbox by Rachel Hott, PhD

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:23+00:00 February, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

My mother, Dr. Jacqueline Rose Hott, died November 24th, 2016. She was 91 years old and had lived a full life working as Dean for Adelphi Nursing School, a Pyschoanalyst and Sex Therapist. She had been working in her private practice until she died. She was mother to four, grandmother to ten and great-grandmother to [...]

19 th November, 2016

Fatherland by Steven Leeds

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:23+00:00 November, 2016|Articles|0 Comments

It is November 19, 2016. I am sitting on the porch of a cottage situated on the Western cliffs of Negril, Jamaica overlooking the Caribbean. I decided to take a few days off to get away, read, write and reflect while the alluring rhythms of the ocean waves carry me to a different planes of consciousness. The [...]

27 th October, 2016

Fall in Love with the Business of Coaching

By | 2016-10-27T09:47:43+00:00 October, 2016|Articles|0 Comments

Since 1986, The NLP Center of New York has been training people to become coaches and practitioners using NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Many of our students have requested that we create something to support them in making their coaching dream a reality. To this end, The NLP Center of New York has recently partnered with [...]

27 th October, 2016

Dilbert (and Hypnosis?) by Rachel Hott

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:23+00:00 October, 2016|Blog|0 Comments

What does Dilbert have to do with Hypnosis? Many people are familiar with the Dilbert cartoon, a cartoon satirizing the workplace environment since 1989. While many people know that Scott Adams is the artist who created Dilbert they may not know that he had studied hypnosis, until recently. Apparently in the late 1970’s he had [...]

15 th February, 2016

Powered By NLP: Reflections of the NLP Leadership Summit by Rachel Hott, PhD

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:24+00:00 February, 2016|Blog|0 Comments

xIt was my first time attending an NLP Leadership Summit. I only knew five people out of thirty, one being my husband/business partner, Steven Leeds. As I listened to the participants introduce themselves, all of whom had been involved in NLP for at least 15 years in the areas of training, research, writing and/or innovation, [...]

22 nd September, 2015

Face Reading by Rachel Hott, Ph.D.

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:24+00:00 September, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

In our NLP Level 1 Practitioner/Coach Certification Training we practice observing each other and learning about how we interpret people's behavior. We teach about the difference between interpretation and sensory specificity. Interpretation is full of our biases; we see someone who is in jeans with holes and we quickly make up that the person doesn't [...]

27 th April, 2015

Communication Games by Rachel Hott, PhD

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:24+00:00 April, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

For many years I have been following John Gottman's work on couples communication. One of my clients recently said, "Oh he's your guru." This may be true. I find that Gottman's books, The Relationship Cure, 7 Principles of Making a Marriage Work and What Makes Love Last, to all have been helpful in my personal [...]

10 th April, 2015

Mentoring Tips by Rachel Hott, PhD

By | 2015-04-10T09:15:11+00:00 April, 2015|Blog|0 Comments

Since our children have been in their 20's now for 9 years I have been wondering what does it meant to be a parent of adult children. I remember when I was pregnant, 29 and 26 years ago respectively, I read Dr. Spock, and then books about toddlers, and then eventually teenagers. However when it [...]

2 nd March, 2015

IS SELF-CONTROL A SKILL? By Rachel Hott, PhD Co-director of The NLP Center of New York

By | 2017-04-27T05:24:24+00:00 March, 2015|Articles|0 Comments

Many clients and NLP students work on issues of self-control. They want to exercise more, choose healthy foods, have clean lungs (stop smoking), drink reasonably, keep their fingernails out of their mouth, keep their anger in check etc. In our NLP sessions and classes we work with the basic presupposition that we have all the [...]