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Authentic Public Speaking

Public speaking is considered to be the top fear of the general public. Unfortunately, many people are thrown into speaking situations without any opportunity to practice or develop this skill. In this class you will have a chance to expand and test your abilities in a safe, supportive and fun environment. During the class you’ll have an opportunity to go through a variety of fun experiences to help you develop your skill and comfort in front of any group. Centering, improvisation, and the principles of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis will be leveraged so you can gain access to your most comfortable and authentic self while in front of one, two or a hundred people.

What to look forward to:
* Develop a centered and responsive speaking state
* Learn how to respond resourcefully to questions
* Identify and connect with your core intentions in presenting
* Learn meaningful and impactful storytelling
* Gain confidence speaking off the cuff
* Learn a natural way of developing speaking content over time

Who this class if for:
* Anyone who still experiences a great deal of fear in front of a crowd.
* Anyone who wants to enjoy public speaking.
* Anyone who wants to develop a natural voice in public speaking.
* Anyone who wants to be both engaging and informative in speaking.

Robert Schwartz is a certified trainer of NLP and has been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years. In addition to working with private clients, Rob works as a trainer, coach and facilitator in companies including Twitter and Microsoft in the US, Europe and Japan. Rob thrives on working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences and loves developing experiences for groups to work together in interesting ways.

Hi Rob,

The format was great and I gained more tools than I thought I would, and I feel much more comfortable, ready and even excited to present. I know I will still be nervous when I speak and it will take me a while (and lots of practice) to fine tune my skills, but you’ve set me on the path to success and I really appreciate it. You’re an awesome teacher!