Face Reading by Rachel Hott, Ph.D.

In our NLP Level 1 Practitioner/Coach Certification Training we practice observing each other and learning about how we interpret people's behavior. We teach about the difference between interpretation and sensory specificity. Interpretation is full of our biases; we see someone who is in jeans with holes and we quickly make up that the person doesn't [...]

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Communication Games by Rachel Hott, PhD

For many years I have been following John Gottman's work on couples communication. One of my clients recently said, "Oh he's your guru." This may be true. I find that Gottman's books, The Relationship Cure, 7 Principles of Making a Marriage Work and What Makes Love Last, to all have been helpful in my personal [...]

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Mentoring Tips by Rachel Hott, PhD

Since our children have been in their 20's now for 9 years I have been wondering what does it meant to be a parent of adult children. I remember when I was pregnant, 29 and 26 years ago respectively, I read Dr. Spock, and then books about toddlers, and then eventually teenagers. However when it [...]

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IS SELF-CONTROL A SKILL? By Rachel Hott, PhD Co-director of The NLP Center of New York

Many clients and NLP students work on issues of self-control. They want to exercise more, choose healthy foods, have clean lungs (stop smoking), drink reasonably, keep their fingernails out of their mouth, keep their anger in check etc. In our NLP sessions and classes we work with the basic presupposition that we have all the [...]

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African Safari (Part I) by Steven Leeds

  "On Not Being Charged" Last year my partner Rachel Hott and I went on Safari. No, we were not browsing the internet. We were walking through the bush amongst the big cats, elephants, giraffe, buffalo and gazelles in the Masai Steppe, a grassland plain in northeastern Tanzania that covers approximately 15,000 square miles, slightly [...]

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Coaching via Video Conferencing by Rachel Hott, PhD

I was recently asked to be in a research study about the use of technology, in particular, using video conferencing when coaching. This invitation has got me thinking about my experience of the past three years using Skype and FaceTime with clients. Video conferencing (VC) has become a common way for coaches and clients to [...]

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Finding A Safe Place by Rachel Hott

Whenever I lead clients into trance, I ask them to find a “safe place." I will say something like, “This could be a place you have been to, wish you could go to, either imaginary or real. It could be from your childhood or in your current life.” Sometimes clients have said they don’t have [...]

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An Interview with Connirae Andreas by Rachel Hott

I recently had the opportunity to do a Skype interview with Connirae Andreas, about her new work, called the Wholeness Process. We have known each other since the early 80's. I have always admired her intelligence and capability to teach NLP and develop innovative processes. She is specifically responsible for the Aligning Perceptual Position and [...]

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Radio Heads by Rachel Hott, PhD

In 1999 I interviewed for a job to acquire my clinical hours for my psychology requirements. As my potential boss interviewed me he asked, "Have you ever done radio?" I said, "No." "Would you like to do radio?" "Sure," I said. I got the job as a psychotherapist and I became a radio co-host for [...]

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