Testimonials of NLP Center of New York, NY

//Testimonials of NLP Center of New York, NY
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“Steven Leeds and Rachel Hott teach from their heart and will touch your soul. They will make a lasting contribution to your life.”
Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles
“The truest measure of any NLP institute is the quality of the people who emerge from its training programs. By that measure, the NLP Center of New York is surely one of the finest in the world. Again and again, I have been impressed by the depth and range of their participants’ grasp of the field of NLP. These people obviously revel in learning. This is not only inspiring, but a delight to be a part of, as well. The NLP Center of New York™ ® is a true home of NLP”
David Gordon, author and NLP Trainer and Developer
“Steven and Rachel pursue their mission with integrity and competence. I appreciate their commitment to excellence and their support of the highest quality learning for their participants.”
Robert Dilts, author and NLP Developer
“I took the NLP Practitioner Certification Training, Master Practitioner Training, Ericksonian Hypnosis Training, and Advanced Training with Steven Leeds, co-director of The NLP Center of New York. I also studied under Richard Bandler for my Master Trainer Certification. I have attended many workshops including Steven Wolinsky and Robert Dilts. Thus, I think I know a bit about the subject. Steven was absolutely best teacher of all of them and provided me with insights that have become critical to my current career. I am using what Steven has taught me all the time and it has formed the foundation of much of my efforts in training salespeople to sell real estate in New York City. I would say that if you are serious about developing skills in sales there is no one who I could recommend higher than Steven.”
Neil Binder, co-author, Buying and Selling Coops and Condos in New York City and The Art of Selling: A Scientific Approach
“Attending the Hypnosis Level 1 Training was a deeply meaningful week – intellectually stimulating, professionally expanding, and personally growth promoting. Steven and Rachel deliver a high quality, professionally rich course built on their years of wisdom and experience in the field. They are able to translate complex concepts to both clinical and non-clinical audiences. I highly recommend training at the NLP Center”
Reji Mathew, PhD, Psychotherapist, Freelance Health Advocacy Writer
“When I became interested in NLP I did a ton of research on who I would want to learn it from. I looked at schools and programs all over the world, from Australia, to Amsterdam, to LA, and New York.
Once I came across your website, I was convinced The NLP Center of New York was the absolute best fit for me. I read all about you and Steven, and all of the programs that you offer. Even though I live in San Diego, I was trying to think of a way I could receive my training & certification from you two (I still haven’t quite figure that part out yet. It would be quite a commute :).
One day while reading your newsletter I read that you and Steven wrote a book about NLP. I was so excited! I figured this was the next best thing to learning from you two directly in NY. So I ordered it straight away, and absolutely loved it!! I always recommend it to people who are seeking to better themselves and their lives. It’s just such a great tool, so thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hard work you two put into creating it!”
Christina Soto
“Thank you Rachel and Steven for your help and training. My life has changed for the better and I trained my mind to choose the responses to what’s going on around me to serve me better.”
Lisa Finn, M.D.Board Certified Anesthesiologist
“Completing The Level 1 NLP Coach Certification classes at the NLP Center of NY has profoundly transformed and enhanced my ability to communicate and connect with people. Steve Leeds and Rachel Hott are passionate, insightful, and highly skilled trainers. They are masters of the art of NLP.”
Vlad Moskovski, Meditation Trainer & Coach
“Thank you Steve and Rachel for your great leadership. Your easy going, non-intimidating personas and style made it relaxing, educational and fun.”
Gloria Kelly
“Dr. Rachel Hott demonstrates enormous skill, compassion and effectiveness in her trainings and in working with her clients. I highly recommend the experience to anyone who wants to learn new things and keep the learning.”
Shelle Rose Charvet, NLP Trainer and author of Words That Change Minds and The Customer is Bothering Me
“The NLP Center of NY has given me a brand new perspective on the way I see, feel and process the world around me. I could not ask for better guides on this most personal of journeys.”
Zoe Koplowitz, author, The Winning Spirit-Life Lessons Learned in Last Place
“Thank you for the opportunity to train and grow. The experience has given me the resources to finding inner peace and happiness. I began the training hoping for better communication skills. In the process I have made new wonderful friends. I have released some inner demons and actually forgiven my parents for holding me back. My husband notices the changes as well. I have a better relationship with his family which at times was a bit strained. I am more relaxed within myself. It has been a powerful journey!”
Buff Glasser
“The anchoring of resource states that I learned at The NLP Center of New York ™ ®has been amazing and powerful. Already, I’m able to access resources in ways I was just hitherto unable. I was looking for confidence, courage, not caring and spontaneity. Boy, I really got them. ”
Mike Bartolomei
“I’m writing to say thank you as I have only just begun to completely understand and appreciate how much I learnt, observed and retained in my studies with you two years ago! I had a client for vertigo a few weeks ago and from somewhere deep in my unconscious, the phobia model reappeared and I was able to help him without a second thought!!! This happens quite regularly for me! It was through the teaching of The NLP Center of New York ™ ® that I have retained so much information and can access it, when needed, so a BIG thank you to you both!”
Lesley Wood-van Zyl
“Great class. I admit I originally attended the Ericksonian Hypnosis class at The NLP Center of New York™ ® for background information, to supplement NLP, and to enhance my communication skills, but the work ended up enriching my personal life. I have felt happier and more centered since the course, which carries over into my relationship with my wife, family, and all with whom i come into contact with. It also brought back some very happy memories from my childhood that have been forgotten for too long.”
Paul Delle, Esq.
“My training at The NLP Center of New York™ ® has helped me immeasurably. Learning NLP is like painlessly learning a new language. The structure of the training emphasizes, first of all, self-respect and self-esteem, and esteem for others. The techniques are fun, easy-to-learn, and translatable to almost any situation. Upon graduation, I found the transition from the NLP classroom into life a pleasant journey smoothed by an interesting array of options to communicate my thoughts and feelings clearly and with heart.”
Rebecca Kavenaugh
” I have recently been successful in winning one of the NLP World Community Awards in the area of education presented by Leslie Lebeau (Cameron-Bandler). I truly believe that the exquisitely powerful training provided by the staff of The NLP Center of New York was central to my continued success. I thank you from the depths of my being for refining my skills and techniques while providing a sustained model of compassion and kindness.The methods you teach at The NLP Center of New York™ ® have universal application. Thank you for what you have done for me and for what you continue to do by way of inspiration. I want to affirm the marvelous work you are doing in the world.”
Lenon Murray, NYC Elementary School Principal
“I want to thank you for a remarkable Hypnosis Training. The NLP Center of New York™ ® has an exceptional pedagogical style (alongside your hypnotic style). I found that the combination of your conceptual discussions, demonstrations and small group practice was extraordinary in creating skill, understanding and personal growth in roughly equal proportions.”
G. Ahlskog, NYS Certified Clinical Psychologist and Certified Psychoanalyst
“The trainers at The NLP Center of New York™ ® are masterful guides who will take you on an inner journey of transformation.”
Nina Evans, M.D.
“I’ve been thinking about your gentle shepherding towards my winning the NLP World Community Award and I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed my gratitude, appropriately. Thank you. ”
Richard M. Gray, Drug and Rehabilitation Counselor
“Training at the NLP Center of New York ™ ® has led me to profound changes in both my business and my relationships.”
Marc Broxmeyer, Principal, Bellmarc Realty
“I just wanted to give you some overall feedback as to how the NLP training has been effecting me and my work. First of all, I notice that I hear soooooooo much more than I used to. I considered myself a good listener with good intuition, but I have noticed a whole new level of listening and intuition since I began the training. I have found that my coaching work has taken on a greater depth and richness. I am experiencing the client’s model of the world with new eyes. From client to client, I find my questions and my inklings are more accurate and I am constantly calibrating to their responses which I find to be such a rewarding activity.
Secondly, I am naturally moving my clients into associated resource states, when they are stuck. Sometimes it happens within a few moments, but it changes the whole session. My work is mainly focused on increasing meaning and satisfaction in a person’s life while they are working towards creating the life they really want. I mainly work with leaders and they tend to be stressed and pulled in many directions (work/family/personal interests). I am finding the NLP techniques/patterns to be a major enhancement to my skill level and ability to connect (create rapport) and support them forward.
Thirdly, I notice a significant reduction in “worry” on my part. And I mean overall in my life!!! I am just not worrying about things the way I use to..”
Paul E. Dunn, Psy.D., Dunn Coaching & Company
“As an attorney I had originally signed up for the course to enhance my ability to gain rapport and increase my influence with clients, witnesses, and jurors. Not only was this goal met, but also even more valuable was that I learned how to better communicate with and understand myself and my family. The NLP Training increased the quality of my professional skills, but more importantly the quality of my personal life”
P.R. Delle, Attorney
“Steven and Rachel are outstanding trainers of NLP and Hypnosis. I give them my highest recommendation.”
Stephen Gilligan, author, The Courage To Love
“The NLP Center of New York™ ® has monumentally increased my communication effectiveness and the growth of my business.”
Jeff Brown, CEO of Jeffrey Brown Associates
“I have had the good fortune to experience the best teachers at Harvard and Duke Business School and I am very fortunate to have found the same level of world-class teaching at the NLP Center of New York.”
Elizabeth Chang, M.B.A.
“Dear Rachel and Steven, Thanks for everything you do and have done during this NLP Practitioner/Coach Certification training. Not only was there a ton of learning, but this was the most incredible personal exploration and psychotherapy session :) I am now personally expanding and bringing back those aspects of my personality that have been dormant for a while including, but not limited to : self-love, compassion, curiousity, openness, etc..”
Sergey Sorin, M.D.
Rachel had worked with me on my fear of sharks and being in the ocean, a few
weeks ago in class, which I think most of you remember.
When i was in Fiji a friend I made wanted to go snorkeling in the ocean. I thought
about it for about 2 seconds and then went. I ended up having an amazing
I thought that was all the time in the water I would be doing, but I was
wrong. Tony Robbins had us jump into a river during a high current, wearing a
life vest AND we did it at 10:00 PM when it was pitch dark out! And before we
jumped in he told us not to worry, that the snakes often scare away the sharks! I
think he was kidding!?!? We walked up to a plank that was about 20 feet above
the water that we could barely see because it was so dark out. Then we were
told to just jump out as far as we could and hold our breath. We ended up
floating down a river in Wasawasa, Fiji for about an hour, just looking up at the
stars, relaxing, taking everything in, laughing, smiling, thinking. It was one of the
most enjoyable and memorable experiences of my life!
Needless to say, my phobia of going in the water is long gone. Thanks, Rachel!!
Dr. Danny Benenfeld, Business Owner
“I attended Erickson Hypnosis I and II training at the NLP Center of New York™ ® with the express purpose of learning the techniques, however what I received in the training was an incredible wellspring of resources with which to help my clients AND myself!!
I feel it is important to share a personal experience: During a class Rachel asked for a volunteer who was presently experiencing some pain – my hand shot up as my right index finger was visibly swollen and throbbing with arthritis pain that filled my hand and went up my arm. When the experience was over my hand no longer hurt – and as each day progressed the swelling disappeared and the ugly arthritic knot that I have lived with for 5 years has actually dissolved. To this day I remain pain free. The experience of learning and working with both Steven and Rachel has been a transforming life experience that has made an enormous difference both professionally and personally.”
Thank you Steve and Rachel!
Lesley Tepper, LCSW
I took NLP levels 1 and 2 with Steven and Rachel during a time when I was ripe for change. In those two years I was able to completely change my life and myself into something I love. I gave up an unfulfilling job to start my own and successful boot camp fitness company, resolved unfulfilling personal relationships and let go of thoughts, habits and patterns that no longer served me. I was able to start living a life that is fulfilling, enriching and has an impact on others. Had it not been for Steven and Rachel’s program, their creation of a safe and effective learning environment and their dedication to helping each student achieve maximum change, I would certainly not have made so many changes happen. I can’t say enough good things about their programs and their ability as trainers and therapists to promote change. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t waste another second and let them guide you to your happy self.
Ariane Hundt, Head of Butt-Kicking Operations Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp