What Is Our Mission?

Since 1986, The NLP Center of New York has dedicated itself to training thousands of participants in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnosis and specialized workshops. Our own interest in NLP began in the late 70’s (for Steven) and in the early 80’s (for Rachel).

At that time, the personal growth industry was flourishing. We both already had our masters degrees and were trained in psychology. Our interest in expanding our knowledge of interpersonal and therapeutic communication skills and learning the cutting edge technologies was part of our mission, and has continued through three decades.

We not only made a commitment to learning NLP; we made a commitment to apply what we learned to ourselves, to each other, to our family (we are a couple), friends, colleagues, students and clients. We are continually on the lookout for our own limiting patterns while developing new more effective strategies to grow as individuals and build healthier relationships.

In addition to our extensive training in NLP with some of the top NLP trainers including Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Steve and Connirae Andreas, David Gordon and Stephen Gilligan, we have pursued our professional licensure, Steven as a NYS licensed Mental Health Counselor and Rachel as a NYS licensed clinical psychologist. These professional accomplishments have enabled expanded our knowledge and expertise and allowed us to provided services to individuals who desire a more professional milieu regarding counseling and coaching. The NLP Center is unique in that we work with groups, counsel individuals and couples and provide on site training for schools and corporations. Our extensive and diverse work with education, business and mental health professionals, students and patients provide us with a wealth of real client experiences and stories that we weave into the fabric of our training.

NLP is a communication model to influence thoughts, feelings and behaviors in ourselves and others. While some NLP courses focus primarily on persuasion and manipulation (having power over others), our primary goal is to educate our students to have power over their own lives and for them to, in turn, empower others. We do this by maintaining the highest ethical standards, teaching the foundations of NLP in a safe supportive learning environment.

The mission of The NLP Center of New York™ ® is to identify limiting patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving in ourselves and others and to generate more effective and more satisfying alternatives. While maintaining the highest training standards, we seek to provide participants with tools to heal their past, shape their future, and live in the moment. As trainers, it is essential that we “walk our talk,” modeling the balancing of heart, mind, and spirit that has become an integral part of our work. We will support our students in achieving whatever level of competence they desire to attain, from learning a few basic NLP skills to developing expertise.

Rachel Hott, Ph.D and Steven Leeds, M.A. LMHC, co-directors and founders of The NLP Center of New York

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