NLP_1563x2500There have been many NLP books written over the years discussing the history of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, its basic skills, its advanced techniques and the people who have contributed to the field. There are also many varied opinions, understandings and misunderstandings of NLP circulating the Internet. Having taught, practiced and lived Neuro-Linguistic Programming since we began our NLP studies in the early 1980s, we decided it’s time to present both our version and our vision of NLP.

For us, NLP is about being effective communicators and influencing with integrity. It is about taking responsibility for the impact we have on others as well as our selves. And it is about recognizing how we limit our potential and can discover choices we did not know we had available. NLP has been and continues to be a cutting edge human technology that produces powerful long lasting changes in the people who have studied it or have worked with someone who has. And it is transforming the lives of people all over the world.

Whether you are looking for a book to launch your NLP journey or to refresh and enhance your experience and understanding of NLP, we believe, NLP A Changing Perspective will be a valuable companion.

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