Hypnosis Training in New York City

The NLP Center of New York offers the following Hypnosis Training programs for personal and professional development.

Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Training (Level I)
In the Ericksonian Hypnosis Personal Development and Practitioner Certification Training you will be learn tools for exploring realms of the unconscious mind, identify and activate inner resources, discover new ways for resolving inner conflicts, overcoming obstacles and developmental challenges.

Ericksonian Hypnosis Master Practitioner Certification Training (Level II)
The Ericksonian Hypnosis Master Practitioner Certification Training will reinforce your previous hypnotic learning, developing greater access to unconscious processing, finding inner rhythm and flow and expanding your repertoire of hypnotic language patterns.

Ericksonian Hypnosis Post Master Practitioner Supervision Group (Level III)
This advanced hypnosis practice seminar is designed for students who have completed a minimum of 12 days of hypnosis training at the NLP Center of New York. Since the primary focus will be on developing your hypnotic skills when working with others, it is especially appropriate for coaches, psychotherapists, mental health counselors, hypnotists and hypnotherapists seeking to master their hypnotic skills.


“I want to thank you for a remarkable Hypnosis Training. The NLP Center of New York™ ® has an exceptional pedagogical style (alongside your hypnotic style). I found that the combination of your conceptual discussions, demonstrations and small group practice was extraordinary in creating skill, understanding and personal growth in roughly equal proportions.”
G. Ahlskog, NYS Certified Clinical Psychologist and Certified Psychoanalyst