The NLP Master Coach Practitioner Certification Training (Level II) meeting on Monday Evenings, October 5, 2015- March 21, 2016 (6pm-10pm) in New York City, builds upon the NLP patterns you learned in the NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training and presents the advanced principles underlying the change process. The training will take you beyond remedial behavioral changes to the more generative transformation of beliefs and identity. Using advanced “submodality” techniques, “time line reimprinting”, and “sleight of mouth” patterns you will learn how to let go of old, limiting belief systems and replace them with new, empowering ones. Join us for what you will find to be a richly rewarding journey of transformation. Some of the advanced skills and techniques you will be learning include:


  • Physiology of Excellence, Advanced Submodalities
  • Time Line Elicitation and Utilization, Sleight of Mouth
  • Presupposition Identification and Utilization
  • Logical Level Alignment, Meta-Programming Patterns
  • Inner Ally Process, Time Line Reimprinting,
  • The Cooperator Model, Criteria Ladder/Hierarchy of Criteria
  • Shifting the Importance of Criteria, Changing Beliefs
  • Modeling Excellence, Self-Alignment Process
  • The Identity Process, Allergy Technique
  • Releasing Emotional Enmeshment, Eliminating Compulsions
  • Creating A Path with Heart, Animal Allies, and much, much more


Prerequisite; An NLP Coach Practitioner Training that meets the guidelines of the International Association of NLP (IANLP).


Cost: $3395 (A deposit of $595 will reserve a place in the training)


Early Registration Discount: $2995*


*To receive the early registration discount, “payment in full” must be received at least one month prior to the start of the training. If you opt to pay the “deposit only” and want to receive the early payment discount, you will need to call the center at 212-647-0860.


To pay by check or money order, please make check payable to The NLP Center of New York and mail to: The NLP Center of New York, 24 East 12th St 4th Floor, New York, NY 11211. The summer intensive training early tuition discount requires payment two months prior to the start date.


Senior citizens (age 65 and over), full-time students and couples will receive a 10% discount. To receive this discount, just select the corresponding drop down menu below. If you prefer to pay by check or cash or inquire about our payment plans, please call us at 212-647-0860.


Senior citizens (age 65 and over), full-time college students, couples and groups of three or more will receive a 10% discount.


Tuition less a $100 processing fee will be refunded if registration is canceled up until two weeks prior to the start of the training. After that date your tuition can be applied toward “any” future training program we offer.


Monday Evenings, October 5, 2015- March 21, 2016 (6pm-10pm)
Eventbrite - NLP Level II Master Coach Practitioner Training: Monday Evenings, October 5, 2005-March 21, 2006 (6pm-10pm)