13 th July, 2011

Do Ask! Do Tell!

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If you have attended as many personal development seminars over the years as I have or have been in the presence of someone who has, then you have probably heard someone say, “Don’t assume. When you do, it makes an ass out of u and me (ass-u-me).” Catchy. It gets a lot of laughs. But […]

4 th July, 2011

Why? Why? Why?

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Why didn’t you call me? Why did you do it” Why didn’t you wait for me? (All accompanied by critical tones)
Do you ask these kinds of “why” questions? Why do you ask them? Take a moment and think about the kinds of responses you usually get. Are they satisfying? And if you are given an […]

4 th July, 2011

NLP Blogging

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Blogging, blogging, blogging.

“Everyone” is doing it. Or are they? Do you notice how “everyone” is distorting their reality “all the time” by using the word “everyone” or “everything” and they “never” stop? It’s the same with “never”, “all” or nobody”.
“Nobody loves me” or “Everything is going wrong”, or “You NEVER listen to me”.
What can you […]