15 th February, 2016

Powered By NLP: Reflections of the NLP Leadership Summit by Rachel Hott, PhD

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xIt was my first time attending an NLP Leadership Summit. I only knew five people out of thirty, one being my husband/business partner, Steven Leeds. As I listened to the participants introduce themselves, all of whom had been involved in NLP for at least 15 years in the areas of training, research, writing and/or […]

22 nd September, 2015

Face Reading by Rachel Hott, Ph.D.

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In our NLP Level 1 Practitioner/Coach Certification Training we practice observing each other and learning about how we interpret people’s behavior. We teach about the difference between interpretation and sensory specificity. Interpretation is full of our biases; we see someone who is in jeans with holes and we quickly make up that the person doesn’t […]

27 th April, 2015

Communication Games by Rachel Hott, PhD

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For many years I have been following John Gottman’s work on couples communication. One of my clients recently said, “Oh he’s your guru.” This may be true. I find that Gottman’s books, The Relationship Cure, 7 Principles of Making a Marriage Work and What Makes Love Last, to all have been helpful in my personal […]

10 th April, 2015

Mentoring Tips by Rachel Hott, PhD

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Since our children have been in their 20’s now for 9 years I have been wondering what does it meant to be a parent of adult children. I remember when I was pregnant, 29 and 26 years ago respectively, I read Dr. Spock, and then books about toddlers, and then eventually teenagers. However when it […]

5 th October, 2014

Coaching via Video Conferencing by Rachel Hott, PhD

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I was recently asked to be in a research study about the use of technology, in particular, using video conferencing when coaching. This invitation has got me thinking about my experience of the past three years using Skype and FaceTime with clients. Video conferencing (VC) has become a common way for coaches and clients to […]

13 th September, 2014

Finding A Safe Place by Rachel Hott

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Whenever I lead clients into trance, I ask them to find a “safe place.” I will say something like, “This could be a place you have been to, wish you could go to, either imaginary or real. It could be from your childhood or in your current life.”

Sometimes clients have said they don’t have a […]

11 th April, 2014

Radio Heads by Rachel Hott, PhD

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In 1999 I interviewed for a job to acquire my clinical hours for my psychology requirements. As my potential boss interviewed me he asked, “Have you ever done radio?” I said, “No.” “Would you like to do radio?” “Sure,” I said. I got the job as a psychotherapist and I became a radio co-host for […]

10 th February, 2014

Creating Your Future by Rachel Hott, PhD

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Creating Your Future

In many psychotherapy and coaching practices the client is taught to visualize what they want to see happen in the future. In the NLP model we call that future pacing. You may have heard of it as guided visualization, mental rehearsal or even post-hypnotic suggestions.

At the NLP Center we teach our […]

2 nd October, 2013

How To Think Like An NLP Master: An Excerpt from our upcoming NLP Book

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“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the […]

15 th August, 2013

Are You Considering Taking an NLP Training?

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Since 1986 both Steven Leeds and Rachel Hott have been leading Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. We recently were asked questions about our training. Here are two that we thought we would share with our community.

How is NLP different than other disciplines?

There are several presuppositions in NLP to support understanding and respect of different models […]